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NeapoliSolare is a green point, located right in the heart of Naples, committed to the promotion of eco-mobility and renewable energies.
It is a point of information, promotion, consulting and sale in the area of electric mobility, renewable energies, energy saving and energy efficiency.

NeapoliSolare takes origin from the present and future challenge of energy sustainability, with the aim of reducing the use of fossil fuels and the CO2 pollution, saving money and becoming increasingly independent from the of oil and energy coorporations.

NeapoliSolare began as the initiative of a group of workers who, despite the difficult work situation in Naples, didn't want to leave their beautiful city.
They decided to use their skills and experience to create quality jobs, trying to improve the life quality of their city, taking advantage of its historical, cultural, climatic and landscape potential.

Our main mission is to promote the energy saving and the decentralization of energy production from renewable energy sources. We do it articulating different activities and services.

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Sale and rental of electric vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes, cars, skates and many others). The electric pedal assisted cycle is increasingly considered as the vehicle of the future: fast move anywhere you want and without effort, zero pollution, access to the restricted traffic areas, no need for expensive insurances.

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NeapoliSolare promote the renewable energies, the energy saving and the energy efficiency: consulting services, design and installation of photovoltaic systems, saving air conditioning systems, LED lighting, energetic certifications.

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Guided tours discovering Naples and its sights; on demand also customized tours with specialized guides. Discover our tours or customize your itinerary to visit Naples with an E-bike.

E-Bike rental in Naples

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What is an electric pedal assisted cycle?
What is the difference between an electric pedal assisted cycle and an electric bicycle?
Answer this and other questions visiting us and testing one of our vehicles (bikes, scooters, etc.).

The electric pedal assisted cycle is a valid alternative to the traditional means of transport: fast moves without time and itinerary restrictions, minimal effort required, zero pollution, access to the restricted traffic areas, no insurance and helmet required, low maintenance costs and affordable price.
It is very useful especially in cities like Naples where the many hills make it difficult to use a normal bicycle.

Come and test one of our vehicles and you'll discover their incredible advantages.
The rental can be per hour, day, week or month. The rental can be a convenient solution if you would like to buy an E-bike but you don't know yet if it matches your needs and expectations.

Bike tour in Naples

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